> Hi,
> kovzol <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Fortunately I have managed to solve this problem. An Xvfb server was
> > needed. After I started it and added "export DISPLAY=:1" into the PHP
> > script which calls the gimp-perl script, everything works fine. :-)
> Perhaps you should consider to update to GIMP 2.0 then which doesn't
> need the virtual X server to run in batch mode any longer.

Dear Sven, thank you for the suggestion! As far as I can, I'll consider
the update. The code currently works OK, however it is quite slow: 4
seconds/file. I think I should also consider using a perl server instead
of running my script individually each time. Is GIMP 2.0 faster than 1.2
for image manipulations?


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