I would like to add a short news article on www.gimp.org containing some
links to web sites or references to print magazines that have mentioned
the release of GIMP 2.0.  Do you have any such references?

Regarding the web sites, the 2.0 release was mentioned on the usual
sites such as freshmeat, lwn.net, slashdot and others.  Among the sites
that I found, the only "unusual" one that would be worth mentioning is
dpreview.com.  But I am sure that there are many other interesting sites
that have published the announcement of the 2.0 release or (even better)
a review of it.  Can you help me?

Also, some magazines have or are planning to include the GIMP 2.0 on
their cover disk.  Maybe this would also be worth mentioning?

I thought about using the wiki for this (e.g., by creating GimpInTheNews
or something similar linked from the GimpPressPack) but e-mail replies
would be fine as well.

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