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>Tasks for the first test (all-day-usage; all of the are common tasks for
>all people, except the one where the indicated group is mentioned):


Could you also make a proper usability test for the rectangular
selection? I seem to be forced to use the re-try approach where
I start making the rectangular selection from scratch if it goes
wrong (and the initial fine-tuning never goes right at first time!).

It also seems to be impossible to make precise selections in large
images (e.g., 800x800 to 6000x6000). Both large selections and long
narrow selections on large images are trouble. If zoom-in is used,
even relatively small images becomes "large".

Test the crop tool too -- it fails for large images as well, or when
zoom is used for seeing image details.


I'm puzzled: do you people make perfect initial selections or how
you scope with the problem? Do you have any problems at all? Why not?
(I could gather a couple of examples if you think there are no
problems at all.)

In audio editors, the selection can be re-adjusted easily by
grabbing and dragging the selection edges. I proposed similar
rectangular selection tool for GIMP here a few months ago.
It solves all the problems the current rectangular selection tool
has (for making one simple rectangular selection).

If anyone wants implement the unirectangular selection tool and/or
improve the crop tool, please don't hesitate ask my improved designs.
(No patent pending.)

(GIMP does not anymore compile in my Linux -- we should work out the
tools together, if at all.)

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