Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1) The extreme brokenness of autoscroll. Autoscrolling tools currently
> scroll far too quickly to be useful in most cases.

I remember a patch for smooth autoscrolling. That would certainly
improve things. Now where was that patch again ...
> 3) The interface mechanics (feel) of the tools may need some
> redesign.  For instance, maybe the crop tool should automatically
> size itself to the bounds of the current selection.  Perhaps the
> rectangular selection tool should work somewhat like how the old
> bezier select tool did (where you could edit the outline of the
> selection by clicking at the right points, or cause the selection
> change to actually occur by clicking in the center.) 

The problem with readjustable selections is that selections are
basically grayscale masks. So what appears as a rectangular selection
to you is just a buffer of numbers to The GIMP. Readjusting the
selection basically means transforming this grayscale mask. Such a
transformation will always introduce errors and fuzzyness.

In order to improve this, we should probably ditch the rect and
ellipse select tools and replace them with vector tools. The path tool
as it is implemented now is just a special case of a vectors tools and
it shouldn't be too hard to implement tools to create basic
shapes. These shapes could then be converted to a selection, just like
Path->To Selection works now. But I think that's exactly what you were
proposing also, isn't it?

> This would, of course, make selection CSG operations more difficult.

Simon said that implementing CSG operations on vectors would be not
feasible. But IMO it would be a prerequisite for better selection
tools. Since Inkscape introduced add, subtract, intersect and union
for vector shapes lately, I don't see why we shouldn't manage to do
the same.

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