although there was no sign that anyone would have cared about my last
mail, here's another short status report from the HEAD branch. Perhaps
this can bring the discussuib back to development since that's what
this mailing list should be all about...

> - Mitch is busy porting the menus to GtkUIManager and he has come a
>   long way already. The new system is going to be ready very soon now.

This is still an ongoing effort but the new stuff looks promising. The
menu XML files are all in place and so is the code that creates menus
from them. What remains to be done is to adapt all callbacks to the
new signatures.

> - I've been working on providing a framework to migrate from the
>   deprecated GtkOptionMenu to GtkComboBox. The gimp_option_menu and
>   gimp_int_option_menu APIs have been deprecated and (almost) all code
>   has been ported to GimpIntCombobBox and GimpEnumComboBox. I've also
>   added code that provides an alternative API to libgimp/gimpmenu.h.
>   Not all plug-ins have been ported to this new API yet. But as soon
>   as this task is finished, gimp_[image|layer|channel|drawable]_menu()
>   will be deprecated.

This is basically finished now. gimpmenu.h has been deprecated and
I've also ported all plug-ins from GtkOptionMenu to GimpIntComboBox.
The new API turned out to work very well and every plug-in I touched
has less code now. Although I did a quick test with (almost) all
plug-ins, I can't guarantee that I didn't break things. Extensive
testing of the changed plug-ins will be very much appreciated.

There are a few users of GtkOptionMenu left. In particular this is:

(a) GimpUnitMenu (which is derived from GtkOptionMenu)
(b) the Paint mode menu in the core
(c) the option menus in the core that use GimpContainerMenuImpl

(a) and (b) are non-trivial because GtkComboBox doesn't support
separators. We might want to wait until this changes (perhaps with

I will look into addressing (c) next.

> - A plug-in to load and save windows icon files has been added.

I figured that the plug-in is not working correctly at the moment. Not
sure what exactly is going wrong but there's some debugging needed

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