Dear Simon!

> You have not yet explained what exactly makes you think of Dutroux
> when looking at the Photo and what exactly you think has been gained by
> removing that image in that context. The Dutroux connection is
> especially important, since this is a typical "Totschlagargument" [1]

It rather was the other way around. Only because I continuously read and hear 
about this alleged criminal on the media did I think about this context when 
looking at the photo. You can take that remark out of my initial mail, and 
the point it raised would still be valid.

> In all of your mails you kept the distinction between these three issues
> blurry and unless you try to keep these issues separate and calmly argue
> about this every further discussion is pointless.

I have no interest in explaining my point of view to each and every individual 
on this list in detail until they all get it, also because many of them have 
apparently already decided that they never will, and also because I do not 
know you at all.

I think that the persons here either are getting my opinion right from the 
start, or they won't ever. I sent word to Dave privately because I somehow 
knew he would be of the first type, and this is why I chose him, and not 
anyone else. I would never have sent this to the list myself, nor to any 
other person from the list, because I knew it would be asking for trouble.

This is perhaps also due to the fact that only those persons that can NOT 
follow my arguments write here again and again, while the persons that share 
my opinion do not stand up publicly, but keep sending me private mails with 
the notice that I must not forward them to the list under any circumstances, 
as if this was the only thing I have in mind, or if I had ever done so.

As I stated in an earlier message, Dave has now removed the photograph in 
question, and I consider the issue resolved. I therefore have no interest to 
explain my point of view any deeper. Maybe Dave can explain to you why he did 
so, and you can then try convincing him that he put the picture back, if this 
is what you want, but please keep me out of that.

Best regards,
Markus Triska.

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