The latest gimp-perl module pre-release is available!  

This fixes problems with the 'make test', as well as running scripts
from the commandline (without a Perl-Server running).

It also adds licensing info to each plug-in in the examples/
directory, since these are licensed individually.  If you are the
author of any that I don't have info for yet (I've attempted to
contact everybody), please contact me so I can add the correct
information there.

This release requires gimp-2.0.

There's the predictable slew of bugfixes as well.  See ChangeLog for details.

I've finally made it through the plug-ins I can test, fixing things
along the way.  Several are currently non-functional (or very
marginally useful from an example coding or usage standpoint), and
will be removed by the final release if not made functional.  These

alpha_to_color avi border circular_text clear_alpha colourtoalpha Create_Images
fire fit-text gap-vcr gimpmagick homepage-logo miff PDB perlcc logulator
parasite-editor povray roundrectsel terral_text triangu visual

Brief descriptions of the results of my testing are found in
examples/examples.TODO.  If you feel strongly that one of these should
be included in the release, please let me know.  I'm also accepting
patches :)

Many thanks to Dov Grobgeld for his fixes of several plug-ins.

I'll be uploading to CPAN shortly.  You can download it immediately from:

Most stuff that you'd expect from a stable release is probably in
here.  If I don't get a lot of reports of problems, next release won't
have a 'pre' attached to it.

Happy GIMPing,

Seth Burgess
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