"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Some Linux distributions, as well as popular windows binary packages
> come out without the GIF plug-in. It is usually downloadable as a
> separate plug-in with a note for the patent issues.
> This can be a major PITA sometimes (you need to do GIF, and just find 
> out the live Linux CD with GIMP on it is lacking the gif plug-in for 
> example)

Sure, but we can't do anything about that. We even added the
possibility to compile the GIF plug-in w/o support for LZW
compression. This allows packagers to include a GIF plug-in that
doesn't have any potential patent problems.

We will also not remove the JPEG plug-in from the GIMP tarball. If
packagers decide to not include it in their binary packages for
whatever reason, that's the problem of the packagers (and their
customers) then.

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