Juhana Sadeharju <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Last I ckecked, your framework in Path Tool was not used in the
> rectangle selection tool nor in crop tool. Can you put your
> framework to a form in which I may use it to code new unirectangle
> and new crop tool for us? We need not to check new frameworks if
> existing ones are good enough; and they are good enough if they can
> be used to program new tools.

The fact that the new vectors architecture isn't more widely used yet
doesn't mean that it can't be put to more use. The vectors framework
in the GIMP core is very new and IMO it fits our needs. You haven't
explained yet what exactly you don't like about it. If you actually
tried to use it and failed then your complaints would make sense, but
as it stands you are suggesting to replace a perfectly working
framework with lots of potential by some vaporware. And so far you
failed to give any reason why that should happen.

The papers you are pointing us at might be worth reading and they
could certainly inspire us for new ideas. But I don't see why you keep
bashing on the current vectors framework since obviosuly you didn't
even look at it yet.

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