>From:  Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>bashing on the current vectors framework since obviosuly you didn't
>even look at it yet.

The Path Tool framework was just mentioned to me.
Then I quickly re-checked out those papers if somebody would actually
want read them now. Only a good intention. But I got flamed.
I have not bashed the current vector framework because I have not
seen it yet.

What I want is written very clearly in the intro sections
of those mentioned papers (published at 199?; in constraints/ dir
at my site). If you don't even have an idea of what I'm talking about,
how ever I could go in to details? The previous poster confused
at level of a basic stright line vs. a Bezier curve; missing completely
the point in this kludge code vs. constraints code discussion (started
in gimp-user).

No need to ask me to repeat. I have mailed on constraints
in several mails within last months, but nobody informed me
that constraints are already implemented in GIMP. I did not find
them in a recent CVS code (taken february or march).

Sure I will check how the Path Tool stuff could be used in
implementing the new tools. It just is not the vectors I want,
but the powerful constraints framework. After installing the
unirectangle geometry I don't want manipulate it at vector value
level. Now unirectangle is simple stuff, but things gets more
complicated if I need more complex tools. Some extra power
would make things simpler. Read the papers for what I mean.

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