Hi Robin,

Robin Rowe wrote:
> > > How do you get permission to move GIMP code from GPL into LGPL?
> >
> > Basically we do this so rarely that is hasn't been a problem so far to
> > get permissions from everyone who touched the code in question.
> For years you have been saying that something that makes GIMP great is that
> you have taken the code through a major clean-up process. [...]
> However, you say above you rarely do refactoring.

Your definition of refactoring is rather limited. Refactoring is
a whole big fioeld and lots of it is imposing order on something
without that order. A classic example is the creation of the GIMP
object hierarchy which exists now, from essentially flat code as
it was in 1.2. 

It seems like you're limiting refactoring to code re-use via
extraction to libraries. This is a very small part of what is
known as refactoring.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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