On 10 May 2004, at 9:40, Dave Neary wrote:

> A friend here heard about Koha, an open source library management
> program, and I was looking at their site, and found this:
> http://koha.org/installation/support.html

Funny, I just visited that site a couple of days ago, in search for a 
library system (and finally recommending 
<http://obiblio.sourceforge.net> to the person who asked me to look 
for one). This is about the sort of library one borrows books from, 
for those wondering. :-)
> I think this is a great idea. If there are people out there prepared
> to give commercial support to the GIMP, there should be a way for them
> to get some kind of "official" status, and have their name listed on
> the gimp.org website.
> What do people think of the idea? Is the GIMP the kind of program for
> which support contracts might be bought? Are there people out there
> who want to include "GIMP Support" in their business? Lots of open
> questions - I thought this was a great idea though.

I can see several sorts of support possible: 

- build & installation support

- beginners classes Using the GIMP

- plug-in coding

- generic upkeep (calling when new versions are out, that sort of 

None of that sounds very exciting, but I don't work in the support 
business. I can imagine that for an organisation for which time is 
money, any sort of support they can buy-in is welcome.

branko collin
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