Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > Sorry, but I fail to see any improvements in these mockups.
> Honestly, I would have expected you to reply in a more thoughtful and
> constructive manner.  It's obvious that I spent some time (hours,
> actually) constructing this mockup, and that I didn't think that my
> choices were stupid, yet it really feels like you have dismissed them all
> out of hand.  This is exactly the reason GIMP has problems attracting and
> retaining new contributors.

Well, my response was a little longer than the one sentence you quoted
and it did include my reasons to not accept any of the changes you
suggested. When I looked at your mockup my first impression was that
this dialog looks unbalanced, confusing and cluttered. That's of
course a question of taste also, but it should make you think about
whether your mockup is really an improvement. I think it isn't, for
the reasons given. Your unpleasantly long mail also didn't convince
me. It made me understand the reasons for adding the warning icon but
with all the visual clutter it bring to the dialog, I don't see it
being important enough to be added.

I understand that you feel dismissed since you put some work into this
but I think you should show the same respect to other people's work
that you expect for your's. Sometimes things just don't work out and
hours of work have to be thrown away. Happens every day. There's no
reason to get pissy about that.

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