Hi Sven!

Well, I was working on two things, one of which requires me to add an
extra preference.

The first thing I wanted to work on, is the addition of two options to
the Edit->Stroke Selection dialog. Just like in Photoshop, I thought it
would be nice if Gimp allowed you to specify where you want the stroke
to appear, inside selection, outside, or centre (like it is now). It's
extremely easy to implement, and I thought it would be neat if Gimp had
this feature too, to perhaps assist the migration of Photoshop users to
Gimp, etc., and simply to add a convenient little feature.

The other feature (the one that requires the addition of a preference)
is my idea of implementing a button/keystroke other than MouseDown that
will initiate Painting. So, just like you have to press the Left mouse
button to start painting/drawing, I'd like it to be configurable, where
the user can specify a key/mouse button they can press, and drawing
commences. This is because most users don't own graphics Tablets, and
are therefore constricted to drawing with the mouse. When you exert
pressure with your index finger, it takes away from the accuracy of your
wrist, so I thought that it would be convenient if I wrote something
that enables the user to (for example) press (and hold) CTRL with their
left hand, and draw with their right (if they're right-handed), etc.
Another idea is to make Gimp work in "modes", where CTRL (or any other
key) can be pressed (and released) to toggle "Drawing mode", and then
all you have to do to draw is move the mouse around.

Just thoughts.

        - Cyril.

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