Hi all,

Myself and Dan Rogers will be meeting with someone from the GNOME
Foundation this week with the intention of having greater 
co-operation with them on things like money.

For the moment, I am working under the supposition that the best
option available to us is to join the GNOME Foundation. That
means that when we do fundraising, the donations would go to the
GNOME Foundation, and when we have expenses we would ask the
GNOME Foundation for money. It would also be an idea to allow the
Foundation to make wilber and GIMP T-shirts and the like to
generate revenue.

The alternative is that Dan continue with the work involved in
creating an independent GIMP Foundation. As was discussed in
Berlin last year, the initial powers and responsibilities of the
foundation would be limited to a bank account and a federal tax
ID, and the board would basically work on fundraising and
spreading the message of GIMPLove (press releases and the like).

The short term effects of doing this would be that we wouldn't
have any way to accept tax-deductible donations in the US for
this year, and it is unlikely (given Dan's current availability)
that the foundation would have cleared up all paperwork issues
and elected a board before the end of the year.

On the other hand, a partnership with the GNOME Foundation would
give us federal tax exempt status in the US now. We could probably 
work out an arrangement where contributions made to the GIMP get 
used for GIMP events.

Are there any people opposed to closer ties with the GNOME


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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