David Neary wrote:

Are there any people opposed to closer ties with the GNOME

Well, GIMP is not part of GNOME, and this assertion was made repeatedly over the years. Apart from labeling GIMP more of a GNOME program, I wouldn't oppose (but I don't count much anyway :)

I know, We could even change the name of the GIMP to the GINPOG
it's been repeated so much. But this is a bunch of people with
really close ties to the gimp (we use their toolkit and
infrastructure, a few years ago they used to use our toolkit),
who really want to help us both short term and long term.

See the problem I see with the GINPOG attitude and joining GNOME is that we are saying we are willing to take your money and your time and your developers, but we are not willing to actually show any support for you in any way. It's kinda datardly. GNOME wants to help us. And it is a lot of work for us to maintain our own foundation. Look, everyone wants "a bank account and a federal ID number" but you can't just have that. You need a board, officers, pay taxes (or file forms to avoid it) and you need to solicite broad public support (e.g. donations from everyone). You need to do something and help people. You can't just exist as a non-profit. And if you are not a non-profit you need to pay taxes, wether or not you make money. (and if GIMP joins GNOME and abandons TGF, I'm the one that has to pay the 800 dollar minimum tax, I might add).

Look, we have people all around us that _want_ to help us. They are not going to beg and they are not going to wait around forever. GNOME is one of the best oppurtunities GIMP has.

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