On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 08:04:04PM +0200, David Neary wrote:
> (we use their toolkit and
> infrastructure, a few years ago they used to use our toolkit),

did the name change?

as far as i know it is still the gimp tool kit.

some of you have children.  can you imagine asking them for money?

i was quite embarrassed for gnome when i saw how the elections worked on
the irc.  i know the irc is not really the same as the mail and the
official business and such, however -- it was the only view i got at
that point.

also interesting that the documents i read long ago (when i was looking
at a gimp foundation) were in html and therefore easily readible with a
web browser.  i dont suggest html as the format for the documentation.

and about goading people who are looking into things now.  as much as it
might behoove someone to think that i am trying to make life difficult
for them, or whatever -- please do not confuse my comments about
micro$oft binary text files with goading.  you can suggest that i was
sucking up to marc lehmann, and that would be perfectly true.

also interesting that i am the person goading and not the developer who
made the original statement -- but whatever.  

if you do make the documentation in html, perhaps you could allow
Rapha?l to make it readible in netscape for you like he did for the
whole gimp-user community. 

maybe dsrogers could use Rapha?l's help with this?


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