J. Grant wrote:

Hi, I wonder if there is any way I can donate money towards development of a specific feature addition in GIMP?

We are currently working out two things which may be of interest - first, we are working to have a way to make tax deductible donations to the GIMP via another organisation. And second, we are working out a set of bounties with another donor.

In short, for small amounts there is no point in proposing to pay for the feature (I note that you are proposing something like 50, which is very generous for an individual, but it is hardly an incentive for a developer to do a couple of weeks work - the incentive would be actually wanting the feature).

We always accept feature requests, and it is quite possible that your feature request is already on our TODO list. Unfortunately the TODO list gets things added to it quicker than they get taken off - the resource we lack most at the moment is people willing to take on a feature and code it.

However, there are several ways you can donate money to the GIMP - you can donate to the FSF directly, who have always been our biggest sponsor, and have given us great support over the years, or if you hold on for a few days, you will be able to donate via PayPal (and perhaps other ways - details will follow) directly to the GIMP. Your money will go towards having as many developers as possible meet up for the GIMP Developers Conference in Norway this Summer, which will be hosted by GUADEC.

Thanks for your generous offer, in any case. I hope we can make it easy for you to donate in the very near future.


Dave Neary

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