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> See the problem I see with the GINPOG attitude and joining GNOME is
> that we are saying we are willing to take your money and your time and
> your developers, but we are not willing to actually show any support
> for you in any way.  It's kinda datardly.  GNOME wants to help us.

It's not that we wouldn't put a lot of effort into making GIMP work
well on a GNOME desktop. Adhering to FreeDesktop standards is one of
our goals and we are even working towards full GNOME HIG compliance.
The only things we really want to avoid is to be forced to do any of
this. Since we aren't a GNOME application, noone can force us into
anything and that's a good thing.

It's just a matter of time before libgnome and libgnomeui will be
completely obsoleted and all this functionality be in GTK+. At that
time The GIMP will probably look and feel like any other GNOME


PS: See http://sven.gimp.org/gimp-new-image-dialog.png for an almost
    HIG compliant file-new dialog. This is a screenshot from the HEAD
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