Sven Neumann wrote:

It's not that we wouldn't put a lot of effort into making GIMP work
well on a GNOME desktop. Adhering to FreeDesktop standards is one of
our goals and we are even working towards full GNOME HIG compliance.
The only things we really want to avoid is to be forced to do any of

Above all, everyone should know you are a volunteer. And as long as you are a volunteer, noone can tell you to do anything. If they every forget this fact, you can always politely remind them (or no-so-politely tell them to sod off). And really, the above is kinda the reason I think this is a good plan. We are already moving in the direction they would want us to, thus it is quite easy to join them.

Since we aren't a GNOME application, noone can force us into
anything and that's a good thing.

GNOME still can't force any volunteer to do anything. The worst damage they could do is, "do this or we we will withold some funding" but even then, you are no better off then you are now.

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