On 3 May 2004, Sven Neumann wrote:

> PS: See http://sven.gimp.org/gimp-new-image-dialog.png for an almost
>     HIG compliant file-new dialog. This is a screenshot from the HEAD
>     branch.

Looks fantastic!  I really like the "hideaway" Image Comment section.

Here are just a few minor suggestions that I think would improve the

* The "extra title bar" seems to take up a lot more space than it needs.
* Center "Create a New Image" vertically (perhaps horizontally as well)
* Put the size in bytes either flushed right to or directly under the
   "Image Size" label.  Flushed right will probably look better.
* Move the portrait/landscape controls to the right of the template
   dropdown.  Grey them out when no template is selected.
* Merge the two Width and Height entries, or make the second one
   hideaway.  If you make the second one hideaway, make the top one have a
   dropdown units menu, so that you don't have to use the hideaway to
   specify image size in units other than pixel.
* Consider making Resolution hideaway as well.
* Resolution should have its own outdent, just like Image Size does.
* The units dropdowns should be centered vertically between the two entry
   boxes to which they apply.  (It would be better if they were aligned
   horizontally as well, but the presence of the link control in the
   resolution area makes that impractical.)
* Consider putting a GtkVSeparator between the "Image Type" and "Fill
  Type" combo box lists.

These are pretty easy to do; I would make the changes myself except that
the universe seems to be conspiring against me ever having a machine that
I can follow gimp-development work with.  Poor Rockwalrus.


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