On Mon, 3 May 2004, Seth Burgess wrote:

> Also, from the HIG:
> Its just my opinion, but I think showing 3 places of precision past
> the decimal for resolution is a bit excessive and I would hazard
> rarely adds any useful information.

Good point.

> I disagree on the vertical separator - I think the absense of such
> noise is welcome in the dialog, and its pretty clear without it due to
> the bolded headings.

Asthetics is such a fickle thing. :)

I suggest the separator for two reasons:
1) It's not so clear to my eye that the two lists aren't related in some

but more for:

2) It distracts from the fact that the two lists are asymetrical.

I think that if Resolution is outdented, that will be somewhat less of an

Also, a separator was what was clearly suggested in earlier drafts of the
HIG for this exact kind of case, although that language seems to have been
watered down to something to the effect of add a separator if you need one
in the current version.


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