On 3 May 2004, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Hi,
> here's another summary of what's happening in the HEAD branch, what do
> watch out for if you want to join development and where help is
> needed...
> Mitch has almost finished the port of the menus to GtkUIManager. The
> new code is in use now and seems to work fine. The only remaining
> regression is integration with the help system (pressing F1 on a menu
> item should call the relevant help pages). This is being worked on and
> will soon be reenabled.

Is the ocassionally-suggested right-click-menu for menu items easily
implementable with GtkAction?

> I started to change our dialogs to be more compliant with the GNOME
> HIG. To ease this effort, I've added a new widget called GimpFrame.
> This is a variant of GtkFrame that doesn't draw a frame but instead
> sets a bold title and indents the content of the "frame" as suggested
> by the HIG. I've changed some core dialogs already and I think the
> results look very pleasant.
> What remains to be done here is changing all plug-in dialogs. I don't
> plan to do this myself so it would be nice to get some volunteers for
> this task.
> It's important that we try to create a consistent dialog layout so
> this job should be well coordinated or done by a single person. Any
> volunteers for this?

While I don't volunteer to be this coordinator, I have created a Bugzilla
entry to help with that process:


This seems like an excellent opportunity to get new volunteer developers'
feet wet.  We could have a news item blurb about it on wgo that links to a
page on dgo with the proper steps:

1. Identify plug-ins with forbidden dialogs.
2. File a bug-report on bugzilla for each bug, making it block
#141772.  (there should be a mini-tutorial on how to file the bug and make
it block #141772)
3. Identify the offending plug-in dialog code, and fix it.  (Mini-tutorial
here as well)
4. Attach patch to bug report, add keyword PATCH.
5. Bask in glory.

> What I didn't address yet is the fact that the HIG suggests to
> left-align labels of UI controls while we currently consistenly
> right-align labels so that they are close to the control they are
> describing. I am not sure if I can follow the HIG argumentation for
> this. I guess we should create some screenshots or mockups of standard
> GIMP dialogs and discuss this change here before we start to work on
> this.

It seems like the HIG suggests left-alignment for controls whose labels
are roughly equal in length, and right-alignment for dissimilarly-sized
labels.  While this probably does result in the most pleasant appearance,
it's an internationalization nightmare.  I suggest we stick with the Palm
usability guidelines here.  I suggest that the next version of the HIG do
the same.

And while we're talking about the HIG, I still wonder what they were
smoking when they suggested that Gnome lay out all of its buttons opposite
to the way that common sense and every other set of UI guidelines I've
ever read suggests.


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