Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Colons are definitely required; the HIG states that they help screen
> readers identify which component is being labeled.  On the other hand,
> labeling the two components "X Scale:" and "Y Scale:" seems to conform
> better to the independent-labelling guideline while also conveniently
> working around the kerning problem.
> (For those unfamiliar with the independent-labeling guideline, the HIG
> suggests that the entire meaning of a control be contained in the label,
> because those with screen-readers cannot tell that (in this case) the
> "Scale X:" and "Y:" labels are arrainged analogously, and that both refer
> to the scaling parameters.)

IMHO repeating the "Scale" on the second line adds visual noise and
makes it harder to understand that the two entries belong together and
give access to two dimensions of the same control. Please don't let us
change this. A whole lot of thought went into this, it's used
consistently and there's no compelling reason to change it.

If screen readers need this info, we can certainly add a hint for them
using the ATK API.

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