In disgust I unsubscribed myself from the gimp-web mailinglist in 
February. Disgust because of the way I felt a hard-working web team 
had been treated by those who actually have access to the webserver. 
Whether my view of that treatment is correct or not is irrelevant, 
it's how I feel about it.

Anyway, I think I forgot to mention my resignation, so hereby I 
officially resign.

Although everybody does everything on the team, the single task I was 
responsible for was that of maintainer for the MS Windows section. 
Since a lot has been happening in that area, it would be nice if 
somebody could take over. If you're interested in becoming the 
maintainer of the Windows section, and aren't already member of the 
web team, please subscribe to gimp-web and announce your 

Some relevant addresses: 

List-Id: <>
List-Post: <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
List-Subscribe: <
        <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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List-Archive: </lists/gimp-web>
List-Help: <mailto:gimp-web-

I would like to thank Carol, drc, Raphael, Scizzo, Sven, Brix, 
Helvetix and the countless others I forgot for being such a driving 
force in developing the current website. 

branko collin
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