Hi Sven and Dave, 

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> For such a simple plug-in you will probably want to keep all code in
> one file and the plug-in template is complete overkill. You can simply
> use gimptool to build your plug-in and probably don't need a
> full-featured autoconf/automake setup as provided by
> gimp-plugin-template.
> Have a look at the gauss blur plug-ins in the GIMP source tree. Also
> make sure you have the GIMP API reference manual available. It comes
> with the GIMP tarball (in the devel-docs directory) and is available
> online at http://developers.gimp.org/.
> Sven

I want to make a more difficult and complicated plug-in, but I have to
start with a small and easy one. The idea to update the tutorial is
fine. Maybe I will write a step by step how to for the newbie's. 

Anyway, thanks for help


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