Branko Collin wrote:

On 3 May 2004, at 9:05, Daniel Rogers wrote:
Above all, everyone should know you are a volunteer. And as long as
you are a volunteer, noone can tell you to do anything.

The law can. The GPL has this nice provision stating that, since we're all volunteers and we're giving the stuff away, you cannot hold us responsible if the GIMP blows up in your face. However, judges hold a dimmer view of such provisions.

Of course, this has little to do with the GNOME Foundation, I just wanted to point out that your reasoning was less than perfect, and that if I can think of an exception, there may be more, and more relevant ones at that.

I am talking about people at GNOME. Not the law. The law could strike down the GPL as invalid and unenforcable (not that I see that happening any time soon).

GNOME still can't force any volunteer to do anything.  The worst
damage they could do is, "do this or we we will withold some funding"
but even then, you are no better off then you are now.

If the funding was given to the GNOME Foundation with the im- or explicit wish it be used for GIMP development, the donor would rightfully feel cheated.

No no, I'm talking about general funds. Not sure if GNOME would withhold funds specifically given to us, that is a slighly different situation. I am talking about funding from GNOME's general pool of funds. Also, I don't actually expect them to do something like this. GNOMe wants to help us.


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