>From: "Christopher W. Curtis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Would it be possible to solve this issue by placing "transient corners" 
>on the image?

It perhaps would not be a good idea if the original corner would
move when the equivalent transient corner is moved.

Also, user would be moving a completely invisible edge. See figure:

          -----    crop/selection region
          | --|---------
          | | |        |
          --o--        |
            |          |

The mark "o" would be a transient corner. When it is moved up and down,
it would move the lower edge which is completely invisible.

But if the transient edge would only move the edge in horizontal
direction, then why not grab and drag the edge itself -- it would
be easier to implement.

Perhaps the whole region could be moved by grabbing inside the region
so that no special "move" corners are required.

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