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Would it be possible to solve this issue by placing "transient corners" on the image?

It perhaps would not be a good idea if the original corner would move when the equivalent transient corner is moved.

I agree ... did I suggest that? Oh, my kingdom for an archive!!

Also, user would be moving a completely invisible edge. See figure:

          -----    crop/selection region
          | --|---------
          | | |        |
          --o--        |
            |          |

The mark "o" would be a transient corner. When it is moved up and down,
it would move the lower edge which is completely invisible.

Actually, it's more like this:

           -----    crop/selection region
           | +-a---------
           | | |        |
           --b--        |
             |          |

Both 'a' and 'b' are transient corners, and "+" is the regular crop
corner.  Point 'a' is only movable vertically, 'b' is only movable

I recall having said something about both a move and a resize always
being visible, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.  I
may have changed my mind in the middle of the message.

But if the transient edge would only move the edge in horizontal
direction, then why not grab and drag the edge itself -- it would
be easier to implement.

I would like being able to grab the border itself; grippies just "lend
themselves to clicking" to paraphase some usability stuff I once read. If they are tied to a border, they should be centered in the view.

Perhaps the whole region could be moved by grabbing inside the region
so that no special "move" corners are required.

The only problem I see with that is that clicking within the cropped
area completes the crop operation (which I find very handy). Maybe a Ctrl-click-n-drag could be used. I really don't care for the resize corner and move corner.

Maybe it might even be most useful if the square selections all behaved as "windows", with a "titlebar" that could be grabbed for moving, and the edges available for resizing ... that would be kinda neat and fairly obvious (except maybe to the mac people).

Personally, I drag the rulers out to where I want them because they're always in 'move' mode (and you go to that mode if you aren't there already). Then I crop. Perfect every time! :)

But I don't write GIMP code; I just blurt about occassionally.

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