On 7 May 2004, at 17:50, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > By "we", you mean "I", don't you? And today that hasn't happened at
> > least once, the reply was simply "Your bug report is about the
> > installer then and thus does not belong into this bug-tracker".
> Well, I knew that I was dealing with Branko, who should know
> better. The response is different when innocent users hit bugzilla.

That I should know better is true but for one thing, and also it is 
not a good argument in its own right.

I should know better when I am absolutely certain that a bug is 
purely restricted to a certain build. Without using a certain GIMP 
version in at least two different incarnations, I cannot tell with 
100% certainty that some bug is strictly related to a certain build. 

Also, 'dealing with Branko' is not a concept known to 'innocent 
users' who stumble on your comments when searching for existing 
reports for their bugs, and may conclude that this is how you talk to 
everybody. You could have used e-mail to tell me that I should know 

branko collin
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