On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 12:09, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> Henrik Brix Andersen wrote:
> > But seeing the waste amount of bugs filed primarily for win32 installers
> > since we released 2.0.0 I am slowly starting to change my mind. Perhaps
> > a '3rd party installer' or similar component should be added to the GIMP
> > product. Bugs can then be re-assigned to that component instead of being
> > resolved NOTGNOME.
> Um, don't you mix two things here? Of course, users who report bugs are 
> using gimp binaries they got from somewhere. the huge amount of 
> duplicated reports has other reasons.

No, I am not referring to the amount of duplicate bug reports here. My
concern is the huge number of non-linux users who take the time to
report a bug (a duplicate bug, maybe, but still a bug) only to see that
bug resolved as NOTGNOME and asked to contact the author of the 3rd
party installer instead.

My concern is that these non-linux users will not contact the authort
but instead leave with the assumption that the GIMP is a very
non-friendly project - which of course is not desirable.

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