I'm happy to announce the 2.0 Release of Gimp-Perl for UNIX/Linux.

Features include:
 * Over 60 example plug-ins written in Perl to script The GIMP
 * Perl Server to run perl plug-ins from the commandline, or across a
network connection
 * 'gimpdoc' utility to get manpage access to The GIMP Procedural Database (PDB)
 * Simplified plug-in development framework, Gimp::Fu
 * Direct pixel access through use of the Perl Data Language (PDL)
 * File-handling plug-ins
 * Customizable GUI with the Gtk2 perl bindings  
 * Optional Object Oriented syntax for plug-in development
 * Plenty more!

Highlights of this release over the previous Pre-Releases:
 - added a new plug-in to selectively sharpen an image
 - removed lots of broken plug-ins that nobody expressed an interest in
 - bug fixes
 - some documentation updating
 - another fix for 'make test'
Available for immediate download at:

The package will also be available on CPAN after indexing.

Please submit bug reports to Gnome Bugzilla, at

Happy GIMPing,

Seth Burgess
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