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> One thing that would be very helpful everywhere in GIMP would be
> using a custom "intelligent" unit text entry. Instead of using a
> spinbox and a dropdown for entering numbere values and units, there
> could be a single entrybox accepting a number AND the unit, that
> would also include a simple calculator. Task 5 illustrates how it
> could be useful in practice.

Well, we don't have such an entry and I don't see it being added for
GIMP 2.2. So for now we should IMO keep the changes to the dialog
purely cosmetic. It will help users to be able to recognize the Scale
dialog that they have worked with in earlier GIMP versions. Also it
makes the code changes easier to do in the limited timeframe that is
left before 2.2 is supposed to be done.

> * The ratio control has been dropped, since it effectively
> duplicates the % unit.

I'd rather drop the % unit since I don't think that it is intuitive
enough. From my experience the ratio control is the most used control
in this dialog and IMO it should stay.

> 1) Pete opens the new image and brings up the image>scale dialog. He
> slects "CD" as a template. The Width and Height values get
> unlinked. Pete changes the unit to "%". He sees something like 56%
> for Width and 80% for Height. Because he wants the image to retain
> its aspect ratio, he locks W and H, focuses the H control and
> presses enter. That will make the Width control update to 80%. He
> applies the settings and brings up the Image>Canvas size
> dialog. Selects the CD template and presses the center button.

Do you really think that Pete will get this done w/o having it
explained at least three times? I doubt it.

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