Stefan Klein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> sorry about the cross-list posting, but it is the easiest way to say
> this... At CinePaint (cinepaint.sourceforge.net) we are in the process of
> integrating full colour management following the ICC standard. A while
> ago, there has been some discussion on the Open ICC list
> ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) about a directory standard for ICC profiles
> on Linux.

the cross-posting is prefectly fine. I wanted to ask the GIMP
developers to join this list anyway. There hasn't been much traffic
lately but CMS is an important aspect and it would make a lot of sense
to discuss standards in that area since GIMP will want to use them
sooner or later. Actually I was hoping for sooner but so far no work
has been started on improving the color display filter API to allow
for better color management. If anyone is interested in improving GIMP
in this area, please let me know.

> Marti Maria, developer of littlecms (www.littlecms.com), suggested
> /usr/share/color/icc and ~/.color/icc as intuitive paths. We decided
> to go along with this.

Sounds like a reasonable decision. As a first step we should change
the color proof display filter to install these directories as
shortcuts in the file chooser used to select profiles.

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