[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-05-20 at 0124.38 +0200):
> Marti Maria, developer of littlecms (www.littlecms.com), suggested
> /usr/share/color/icc and ~/.color/icc as intuitive paths. We decided to
> go along with this.

Could a small change be done? Make the global dir a pair,
/usr/local/share/color/icc then /usr/share/color/icc to keep the now
traditional organization of admin made and system shipped files.

I got the idea from, which could also be taken into account for a more
detailed standard:

As side note, if anybody knows how to get a spec into freedesktop,
that would be the best. The specs do not have to be huge at all, but
being documented in such site would help to get them used.

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