Thanks for your answer!

> I find the alpha channel modification option useful in particular.
> However, as it is now it is merely a prototype. It definitely needs
> docs and lots of examples, preferably build in.
I am currently trying to write a good documentation, but it isn't that
easy... As I am not a 2D graphist, I just don't know which examples
might be usefull and how the doc should be written.
I thought about templates for formulas, but I didn't add that to the
plugin yet.

> Just to click and play around a bit to get a feeling for the 
> concept. Most of my first formlas just produced error messages.
What did you try to do first?

> It did compile clean, but I had to install it maually. make install-bin didn't 
> seem to work.
The target 'install-bin' isn't defined... Personnally, I always use the
'install' target. Well, I guess, I'll try to work this out.

> When are you planning a release?
I don't know yet... When it's done... ;)


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