geert jordaens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> >void   gimp_preview_set_buffer (GimpPreview *preview,
> >                                gpointer     buffer,
> >                                gint         rowstride);
> >
> Sounds fine to me.  However if possible a internal buffer in the
> preview window and the rendering function writing to it
> would allow  redrawing of the preview widget during the rendering
> process. This would give also some visual feedback on
> what the rendering function is doing.

The preview will be redrawn when you queue a redraw on it. We should
probably add a convenience API to do this using the GimpPreview
interface. gimp_preview_queue_draw() would simply call
gtk_widget_queue_draw() on the GimpPreviewArea.

So this API would allow you to queue a redraw even after the buffer is
only halfway written. Of course you would also have to run the main
loop for the redraw to actually happen. Anyway, I consider this rather
bad style. IMO, if the preview takes considerable time, then it
shouldn't be shown halfway done but instead the progress API should be
used to draw a progress indicator in place of the preview. What do
others think?

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