Pedro Gimeno Fortea <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Perhaps a feasible idea is to create a set of extra plug-ins that are  
> in a separate CVS module, similarly to what already happened to GAP,  
> gimp-perl, gimp-help and most notably gimp-data-extras. This can make  
> room for plug-ins that can be considered as very interesting or almost  
> essential and can be included in distributions as a single package.

How is that different from keeping the plug-in in the GIMP CVS tree?
The idea is to keep plug-ins that are maintained outside the GIMP tree
outside the GIMP tree. Now if you move them into a gimp-plug-ins
module, that's essentially the same as moving them into the gimp
module. It makes it more difficult for the plug-in maintainer to
continue to work on his/her plug-in and puts more work on the GIMP
development team.

Of course, if a plug-in developer wants to use CVS or Bugzilla we
should offer our help. And of course we should be willing to out
packages up on ftp.gimp.org and announce releases on www.gimp.org.

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