Ernst Lippe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > Sure, but the question is if we expect the small preview area of a
> > plug-in to behave in that way? I'd say the answer is no.
> Why? The primary function of the preview is to preview the effects
> of certain parameters on the image. It seems only logical that
> the preview updates as soon as possible after a parameter change.
> When the plug-in algorithm is fast enough, I see no reason why
> the preview should not be updated automatically. The only
> alternative that I see is to have some separate "Update preview" button,
> but that is just awkward for the user. 

I wasn't questioning automatic updates. The question I put up was if
there should be incremental update of the preview area or if we can
agree that this is not generally useful. In the latter case we can put
the progress indicator into the preview area itself.

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