Hi all,

I have a few bits of great news today.

First, the FSF have agreed to be a major supporter of the
conference again (they have been our largest supporter for each
of the 3 GIMP Conferences so far).

Second, we have just won a Merit award from the OSI, which
results in a cash donation of $500 to the project.

Third, in the week after the "donating" paypal link was added to
the www.gimp.org page, there were 10 donations via paypal, for a
sum total of $250 after deductions. Now that the website is back
up (thanks yosh), it would be great to announce that we need
money to get people to the conference, and get as many donations
as possible from that route.

We now have a total of almost $5000 in funding, including the
leftovers from last year. I think that with a decent drive
between now and the conference, we could get that up to perhaps
$7000, which by my rough estimate would pay roughly 60% of the
total travel costs. That said, if people from the US or Australia 
need more than 60% to get there, and people from Europe need
less, it will be distributed according to need.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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