Hi all,

Everyone who plans to go to Kristiansand for GUADEC should probably register with them, sending in your request for free accommodation while you're at it.

There is a nominal fee, which will go towards costs of the event - and in case you get worried, the "Professional" category is intended for participants whose company is paying for them to go. If you are paying for yourself, register as a Hobbyist.

It is also important to register quickly if you hope to get a travel subsidy from GUADEC, since those requests will be processed by the end of next week.

Also - it appears that I had some trouble with my mail last week, and I saw a reply to a reply to a reply to my mail asking for travel costs, but didn't actually see any other mails in the thread at all.

Could people who sent their travel costs to the list re-send them to me, or to the list, quickly? If we want to buy e-tickets for people who cannot pay up-front, that has to be done as quickly as possible. Prices have started to go up steeply now as we get within a month of the conference.


Dave Neary

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