As per Sven's suggestion, instead of plugin color to alpha, I want to
try replacing every occurrence of white pixels with transparent.
The documentation in the browser suggests something like the following:

 (gimp-by-color-select d '(255 255 255) 0 2 0 0 0 0)

This should select color white, but I don't know how to make the
selection transparent. Searching the calls in the browser for functions
containing alpha and trans didn't yield anything obvious.

Also, with apologies for my ignorance, Sven suggested looking at the
interactive menu, but I don't understand how to select color white
interactively, much less replace it.
If I select menu "selection->color" the tool changes on the main gimp
window, but I don't see a way to request color white, or make the
selection, and once that's done, how do I make it transparent?

I have seen functions that take the alpha layer and turn it to color,
but how do I programmatically make the alpha layer?

I searched for a while on color selection, but most selections out there
seem to involve selecting a region and doing some photo retouching. Any
pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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