Roman and I wrote the report of the usability tests we conducted in may.
It includes descriptions of problems the users were faced while
interacting with the software, as well as possible solutions. 

As the wiki is still down, please read the full report on




Here a summary of the major topics:

1. General Aspects:
- Provide more hints, especially with respect to keyboard shortcuts, and
explanatory texts.
- Clearly mark the current layer

2. Selections:
- Do not save operation modes among sessions
- Keyboard shortcuts are not consistent
- Fixes aspect ratio is difficult to specifiy
- Subtracting a selection is difficult
- Anchoring a selection is not always possible, even if the anchor
symbol is shown next to the mouse pointer
- Stroke dialog is not completely clear

3. Text tool
- Toolbox colour is overwritten
- Moving a text field is difficult

4. Journal
- Handling of the journal is difficult

5. Clone tool
- Setting the reference point is difficult

6. Path tool
- The modes make the usage cumbersome

7. German translation
- Some words are misleading

... and much more.

When making comments, please refer the corresponding section!

roman and ellen


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