On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 06:19:19AM -0400, Dov Kruger wrote:
> Carol,
> I'm not sure what you just said
> > Sven hinted at the answer earlier in this thread, or someone did.
> > 
> > i am not sure why the run_mode stuff is in the argument lists for the
> > different pdb calls, and this problem actually spills into gimp-python
> > scripting and gimp-perl scripting but the argument for run_mode being
> > non-interactive or interactive is not only unnecessary but certain to
> > break any script.
> The only functions that I can find reference to interactive vs.
> non-interactive modes are png-save, and I believe that the value 1 is
> correct there. This script did work with the other technique, it's just
> the new calls that are different.
okay, did you try it without the argument there?  we can theorize all
day long via email.  i tried to save you the months it took for me to
find the answer (or possibly to understand it) and before we discuss
this too much, could you at least try my suggestion?

> > the best documentation i found on the subject was on another dovs
> > documentation.  and looking over the updated stuff
> > (http://imagic.weizmann.ac.il/~dov/gimp/scheme-tut.html) i cannot
> > quickly find the warning.
> While it is always cool to find another Dov out there, and I was looking
> at the code for examples of scheme, it doesn't have the answer to the
> immediate problem.
> > anyways, forget the variable for interactive or non-interactive run_mode
> > and probably you will only get errors that make sense.
(file-png-save img d file file 0 6 0 0 0 1 1)
and dont ask me why.


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