let me comment on some sections of the useability report (a very nice
document, btw.)...

> 2. Zooming
> 2.1 Issue: Handling of the Zoom-Function

> Both, the menu 'View Zoom' and the keyboard shortcuts are intuitive
> and easy to use.

Yeah, you tested this on german keyboards where Ctrl-+ does work
without an additional modifier ;)

> One testperson tried to use the mouse wheel and expected to zoom in
> and out by that means.

You can zoom in/out using a wheel mouse by pressing a modifier (Ctrl
if I remember correctly).

> As this did not work, he used the zoom function in the toolbox. He
> tried the keyboard shortcut CTRL which worked fine, and stated that
> there used to be a problem with this in the GIMP 1.2. Only, it did
> not become clear what 'Threshold' meant in that context.?
> Suggestions:
>   1. Provide a short tooltip text to explain the 'Threshold' option.
>   2. Provide a context sensitive help (F1) to explain the function of
>   the 'Threshold' option in that context.

IMHO the threshold option should be completely removed. It can be made
an option in the Preferences instead (if that's needed at all).

> One user (Photoshop expert) had severe problems to make a free
> selection as the fixed ratio option was still enabled from the last
> session (as all settings, the selection modes are saved after a
> session).

We should probably disable auto-saving of the tool options. It seems
to be more confusing than useful.

> Provide the opportunity to manipulate the size of a selection: When
> the mouse pointer reaches the edges of a selection, the user can
> increase and decrease the size by simply dragging the edge. Provide
> visual feedback next to the mouse pointer (corresponding to the
> 'crop' tool). In case of elliptic selection, the size is changed at
> the edges of the reference rectangle.

This is non-trivial because the selection is actually a grayscale
mask. If we wanted to solve this generally, we'd have to transform the
grayscale mask that represents the selection. This would lead to ugly
artefacts at the corner of the selection. I see no simple solution for
this problem but to add vector-based selections.

> Another issue is that the user-defined aspect ratio is overwritten
> by the size of the recent selection as soon as the 'fixed aspect
> ratio' mode is left. As the two Photoshop users often changed the
> modes while they explored the GIMP's functionality, they were really
> annoyed by that behaviour. Other than the mode itself, this option
> is not an operation mode, but a user-defined setting. Therefore, it
> should be saved.

Yes, we should probably change that. While it is convenient to see the
size of the selection being displayed in the tool options this info is
also available in the statusbar. So it would probably be better to
leave the entries untouched.

> When the anchor is shown next to the mouse pointer, it must always
> be possible to anchor the selection.

I haven't been able to reproduce that problem. Of course the cursor
feedback needs to match what happens. Can you give details on how to
reproduce this brokeness?

> The GIMP 1.2 user missed the former dialog which showed the colour
> channels and provided a slider to set the threshold of the
> selection. The dialog provided some kind of preview of the actual
> selection, as in a complex image, it is quite hard to determine
> which parts are selected and which are not.

This dialog is still available but it isn't any longer bound to the
"By Color Select" Tool. Choose "Selection Editor" from the Dialogs

> Move the 'Fill' and 'Stroke' functions to the 'Selection' menu.

I don't think these belong there since they do not manipulate the
Selection. Where do other apps put "Fill"? IMHO it belongs into the
"Edit" menu and I am surprised that the users didn't look for it

So much for my comments. Thanks for the usability testing. As soon as
we have collected more feedback here, someone could sit down and put
the results into Bugzilla enhancement requests. I think we should then
be able to improve usability in GIMP 2.2 based on these reports.

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