On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 08:16:03PM +0200, David Neary wrote:
> Hi all,
> More good news. O'Reilly and Associates have agreed to be a major
> sponsor of the conference, and with some luck (and a few more
> donations) we will have enough money to pay some of the travel
> expenses of most people coming to GIMPCon (try decoding that).
> In exchange, ORA are asking that we give them space for a
> targetted Safari bookshelf, which we would offer as a service on
> the website. I'm not sure what exactly is involved in integrating
> this, I expect that I will get the info I need from ORA soon.
> We will also have some ORA marketting materials for the
> conference.
does that mean there would be someone available to explain what happened
to my bindings?  it should be obvious to most that i did not actually
read these excellent tomes they produced for me.

there should probably be a hearty "welcome aboard" as i love these books
and look forward to the day i might actually purchase more and test the
new bindings.  

also, does marketing tools mean tee-shirts?  whee!

this company truly has some of the finest whores (ie people who would
redo their work on broken crappy and wrong software after having done
the work the right way originally)  i have ever encountered.  nice work.  
do we get some of them also?  maybe some of their perl, python pros?

isnt Safari a macintosh software?  that seems silly, but fine.


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