> This dialog is still available but it isn't any longer bound to the
> "By Color Select" Tool. Choose "Selection Editor" from the Dialogs
> menu.
> > Move the 'Fill' and 'Stroke' functions to the 'Selection' menu.
> I don't think these belong there since they do not manipulate the
> Selection. Where do other apps put "Fill"? IMHO it belongs into the
> "Edit" menu and I am surprised that the users didn't look for it
> there.

Fill and Stroke definately don't belong in the Selection menu (you could
be filling or stroking a Path not just a selection).  The Select menu
keeps the selection options nicely seperate from manipulating the image
(or drawable ie the contents of the selection).

Although there was a problem adding things to Select menu does not seem
like the right solution and it was one of the few suggestions in the
report I strong disagreed with.
The suggestions to provide much more information in the status bar (like
the way Inkscape does) sounded like a good idea but would probably be
rather time consuming work.

Adobe Illustrator uses Edit, Stroke and Edit, Fill... (just one item for
Fill which pops up a dialog with lots of options and fill types of all
kinds).  Photoshop also has "Layer, Filled Layer" (or similar) which
allows you to choose a texture/pattern and inserts a new layer with that

I dont recall Jasc having any extra fill options besides using the bucket
tool (and I double checked by looking at various sites including this one
http://moonsdesigns.com/tutorials/psp8/tools.html )


Alan Horkan
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