I'm giving a presentation to the Seacoast Linux User Group (SLUG
chapter) of the Greater New Hampshire Linux Users Group (GNHLUG) at
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH on June 14th at 7PM (more detail
may be added to
http://wiki.gnhlug.org/twiki2/bin/view/Www/OurChapters).  The
presentation is a repeat of an introduction to GIMP 2.0 talk I gave to
the MELBA chapter a month ago.

Is there anyone on this list who is
a) an experienced GIMP 2 user
b) an experienced GIMP 2 developer
c) GIMP 2 advocate
d) any or all of the above
who would like to collaborate with me on making a great presentation?

Maybe you've made a presentation and have some materials to share.

I've already put together a full outline for my previous presentation, and would be glad to share it as I get it published to my website.


Greg Rundlett

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                -- Tennyson

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