Hi Greg,

Greg Rundlett wrote:
> Is there anyone on this list who is
> b) an experienced GIMP 2 developer

I'm nore this than user (not had much time to explore my artistic
side recently).

> Maybe you've made a presentation and have some materials to share.

I did a presentation (in French) for the libr'east conference in
Paris earlier this year. 

The contents of that presentation (bare bones, a dump of the
files involved) are here: http://dneary.free.fr/gimp/

The presentation itself (which only got about 50% used) was,
IMHO, too detailed. It's in presentation.sxi. 

A good GIMP presentation should probably talk a little bit about
the project history (5-10 mins), followed by a simple
demonstration with every step explained (about 30 mins) followed
by a Q&A session for about 10 minutes. If I had it to re-do,
that's what I'd do.

In fact, I will be doing a 3 hour workshop on the GIMP in
September, which will allow me to take 3 or 4 common tasks, and
work them through from A to Z, explaining all the steps as I go
(things like redeye, doing a montage, doing color correction, and
getting a "surrealist" type effect from a photo).

> I've already put together a full outline for my previous presentation, 
> and would be glad to share it as I get it published to my website.

This is great! We really should be keeping track not only of
presentation materials that people put together for
presentations, but also people who do presentations in case
someone wants to give them junkets ;)

You might want to look at Simon Budig, tigert and jimmac's GIMP
stuff. Simon has several presentations/talks online, and both
jimmac and tigert have tutorials which are very good for a
presentation of the GIMP.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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