Hello gimp lists,

We are getting close to have the GIMPCon 2004 in Norway and I would like
to say that I am going to GIMPCon, at the same time I would like to ask
who else is going to Norway?

So now to the point of this mail. It would be good if we could have a
small meeting conserning the website(s) at GIMPCon. This would help alot
now when the websites are being worked on really hard. At the moment I
haven't had time to setup any list of things we should discuss but it
would be really good to have this kind of meeting
To my questions then:
Who will attend at the meeting?
Any suggestions from the outside about problems conserning the
I hope this mail is at least a little informative and that people will
join us at GIMPCon. I will later create a little list on my own about
things that I find would be good to discuss at the conference and then
announce it here on this
Niklas Mattisson <scizzoNOSPAM-at-sector7-dot-nu>

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